Temporary, Disposable Phone Numbers


Let's say you are selling some furniture on Craigslist. You want to post your number, but you'd rather not keep getting calls for weeks after you sold your couches. So, you set up a temporary phone number with NotMyNumber for one week.

You post your new temporary number and every call that comes in on that number rings on your phone. After the week is up, hopefully you sold your couch, and you won't get any more calls on that number.

You can just dial out from the NotMyNumber app and the caller will see your temporary phone number. It's that easy.

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Temporary Numbers

The numbers expire when you tell them to.
When you buy the number you tell us how long you want it active for. Once the time is up, the number stops working.
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Always Private

The other party never sees your real number.
You can make outbound calls through the app and the other party will only ever see your disposable number. When calls come in they appear from your temporary number as well.
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No Monthly Charges

No recurring payments.
Once your number is active it runs until your expiration date. Don't pay more for something you aren't going to use.
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